Products and Services

Embedded technology

PhiTech provides:

  • Firmware and Middleware development for fingerprint and security technology including drivers and libraries for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Embedded Linux).
  • Development of sensor drivers for the above-mentioned operating systems.
  • Development of other embedded solutions.

Past Projects:

  • Biometrical sensors – deployment on notebooks, phones, keyboards, mice, USB disks
  • Secure access control – fingerprint sensors, smart cards
  • IoT devices to measure temperature, humidity and location including IoT Server

Our team has developed embedded solutions for: Apple, STMicroelectronics, Authentec, UPEK, Veridicom, RKK
Companies using solution our team developed: Sony, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Toshiba, HP and more.


PhiTech provides:

  • Consulting and development of IT security solutions.
  • Development of embedded security solutions.
  • Provision of authentication mechanisms and securing Server Client communication.
  • Securing and encrypting ElasticSearch at the Lucene indexes level.
  • Specialized know-how to develop and secure IoT environments.

Past Projects:

  • First Microsoft Chip Card Login for the police forces in Hamburg and Bremen.
  • Securing the Lufthansa HR Network World Wide (via Siemens)
  • Development of the Secure Remote Access for Commerzbank
  • Developing PKI infrastructure for Dresdner Bank
  • Notebook Access and Protection Software for 50% of all Biometric Notebooks until 2012
  • Biometric and Security architecture for the Apple Secure Payment system

Artificial Intelligence


SAPI – SAPI is a product from Curry AG that is developed with the support of PhiTech. SAPI is an Intelligent API built on top of ElasticSearch for detailed text analysis and search. We offer integration and customization for SAPI.

PhiTech provides:

  • Development of semantic search solution based on ElasticSearch. Specialized in European Languages.
  • Machine learning algorithms.

Current projects:

  • Creation of search engines supporting 7 languages with an advanced morphology and stemming
  • Summary function to reduce long texts to summaries.
  • Content curation and tagging of curated content.
  • SEO optimization with semantic technology.



Note: Past Projects are projects the members of the PhiTech team where responsible for before the founding of PhiTech.