PhiTech Team


PhiTech was founded in 2017 by Vladimir Lieberzeit and Hajo Libor, who have enjoyed a long and fruitful business and personal relationship. In 1995, together with RKK Rudolf und Partner from Hamburg, they launched the RKK Informationssysteme development company, followed in 1998 by Skytale Security Solutions. In 2000 RKK Informationssysteme and Skytale were acquired by the US company Veridicom before it was transferred in 2001 to STMicroelectronics, then the third largest semiconductor producer worldwide. The team’s focus from 2000 till 2004 was the development of secure fingerprint technology. Prior to that RKK had been developing secure communication systems for clients such as Commerzbank, Lufthansa, Dresdnerbank and the German police forces, as well as many more international corporations. From 2004 till 2017 Vladimir Lieberzeit and Hajo Libor followed different paths.

Hajo Libor, CEO

Hajo, born and raised in Hamburg, studied Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering at the Technical University in Munich and finished his studies at Airbus Industries designing an ultra-high capacity aircraft. His first two years of work experience was spent in the auditing division of Arthur Anderson. In 1995, together with Vladimir and Jan-Peter Rudolf, Hajo founded their first software development company, RKK, in Prague. After the acquisition of RKK by Veridicom and later by ST Microelectronics, Hajo held the positions of Vice President Europe for Veridicom and Managing Director of ST Microelectronics. In 2004, Hajo worked in project management in the field of artificial intelligence and semantics.

Vladimir Lieberzeit, CTO

Vladimir, born and raised in Prague, studied Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. He graduated with distinction and got the Education Minister’s Award for outstanding academic achievement. He later completed an MBA course at the Sheffield Hallam University in 2007. From 1995 he was CTO of RKK, the company he founded together with Hajo. Their start-up team was finally acquired by Apple in 2012. He then worked as Site leader of the Czech Apple team until founding PhiTech. Vladimir co-invented an authentication device patented for Apple.

The Team *

Hana Grubhofferova

Hana, born and raised in Prague, studied Mathematical statistics and probability theory at the Faculty of Mathematics at Charles University Prague, where she graduated as a RNDr.

She is interested in languages – especially natural language processing, her work experience includes software development, management and project management at Apple. She started in the localization sector and joined RKK in 1999. She brings us years of experience of an international environment in both small companies and major corporations. She has a passion for new technologies and extraordinary challenges.

She is our specialist for ElasticSearch, semantics and machine learning.

Michal Vodicka

Michal studied Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He joined RKK in 1995.

Michal is our expert for embedded development, kernel drivers and core programming.


*(Employees and specialists collaborating with PhiTech)