Our team involves specialists in

Our team involves specialists in
Programming languages: C/C++ (Microsoft Visual C/C++, Apple Xcode), C#, Objective-C, Java, Assembler x86 (and other assemblers), Python, Ruby, PHP

Technologies: Elasticsearch, NLP, Internet & Cloud (TCP/IP, HTTP/HTML5/CSS3, Web Services, a number of Internet protocols etc.), Windows (.NET, ActiveX, COM, MFC, ODBC), Apple OSX (kernel, Core Foundation, Cocoa), Mobile (iOS, Android, embedded systems development for multiple processors), SQL,
Data security experience: information system audit, cryptography, biometrics incl. fingerprints, chipcards/smartcards, PKI, X.509, IPSEC, SSL…

Software project management, build and configuration tools: Perforce, git, SVN, Bugzilla, JIRA, ClearCase, Ant, CruiseControl…

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